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Elicit (Nathan 34)


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Emma greeted Nathan with an earth shattering kiss full of promise need excitement and a touch of tenderness along the edges. “Now that will elicit an exaggerated response,”  Nathan quipped.  “Are you hungry?”

“I’m hungry for all kinds of things,” her smile full of promise, she continued, “but since I haven’t eaten food as yet, I’ll take sustenance over substance.”

Nathan hugged her in response, “Ok, let’s get you fed first.”  He led her into the dining room where several covered dishes awaited.  As Emma sat, he slid her chair in and walked around her to sit at the head of the table beside her.

“May I?” Emma asked prepared to lift one of the lids.

“Tacos? Oh yum! One of my favourite dishes.”

Nathan smiled knowingly.  “Load up, Emma, we have a long night ahead of us,” grasping her nearest hand in his continued, “we have some missed time to make up for.”

Emma did just that, piling a variation, bits of everything available on her tortilla before adding sour cream and salsa.  “OMG, this is going to be heaven,” she declared.  Nathan sat back to watch her enjoy.  She made every meal an event.  It was so refreshingly interesting to watch.  Only after her first enjoyable bite did he load up a tortilla for himself.

Escorting her into the living room where the lighting gently glowed, he pulled her into his arms.  He left little doubt what he wanted and her immediate response elicited a heightened awareness in herself as well as Nathan.  Before long he was directing her, dancing her, toward the bedroom.  “Indeed,” he remarked on a sexy whisper, “long night.”

When they awoke the following morning, Emma was in that state of sleepy sated relaxed state of mind that comes from head banging erotic sexual delight.  She peered at Nathan and found him already awake and watching her.  “Good morning, lovely.  How did you sleep?”

“Amazingly well.”  She couldn’t help but let slip an alluring smile, remembering the varied antics they’d enjoyed throughout the night.  “I should be too exhausted to leave the bed,” she ran her fingers down the side of his face to his lips.  In response, Nathan bit the tip of her finger gently.  “Oddly enough, I’ve never felt more invigorated.”

“I’m all about invigoration.” He kissed her mouth with gentle but growing need.

“As much as that kiss holds promises yet unfulfilled,  I have to get to work. Hold that thought, though, please.” Emma slid to the side of the bed and sashayed to the bathroom, her naked body gently encompassed by soft iridescent light.

“I have to paint you, Emma.”

Turning with a quizzical light in her eye she asked, “What?”

“I have to paint you, right there, as you are in all your glory surrounded by soft velvet lighting.”

“No, Nathan.  Not in this lifetime.”

Standing he walked toward her, brushing his fingers through her hair, “Your exquisite. And although I enjoy you too much to share you with anyone,” he said by way of a promise that no other would enjoy her beauty.

“You have the original, you don’t need a replica.”  She kissed him quickly and firmly before disappearing into the adjoining bathroom.

He smiled.  He could always paint from memory, he decided.  Still, having her beauty immortalized on his wall, for his specific enjoyment held great appeal. Since she was absolutely gorgeous, her response to his suggested surprised him.







  1. Sheryl says:

    Hmm, maybe he should have asked her permission before painting her… Nathan isn’t so perfect after all.


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