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Nathan 27


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Emma slept peacefully beside Nathan.  When she awakened, the immediate warmth of his body wrapped firmly around hers, it took a moment to remember where she was.  A sigh of remembered pleasure passed her lips.  In that nanosecond of memory, pleasant satisfaction filled her smile, equally reflected in her eyes, Nathan’s eyes opened and as he drank in her expression, lifted one arm to caress her brows, her cheeks, her lips, moving along her chin and down her neck.  Need flared instantly.

“Nathan,” she lay an open hand upon his chest, “I’d love nothing more than to continue where we left off, but I have to go.  I’ll be late for work as it is.  Although I have an understanding and gracious boss, I won’t take advantage either. Having said that, my body has other designs, designs on yours.”

Nathan smiled without apology, his hands continuing their delightful articulate journey.  Emma groaned, her body instantly responding.  “Nathan,” Caressing her back, his fingers trailing an enticing path from her neck to the base of her spine, he smiled, enjoying his seductive power over her.  She had no idea what she did to him.

Tapping the tip of her nose he said, “Something to think about, remember me by.”

“I’m sure it’s will provide more than a memory all day long, you evil man!  You did that on purpose!”

Emma slid overtop of him and reinvented the kiss she’d shared with him the previous night, and his longing was very apparent.  “Now, I must go, I have to get home and prepare for the day.”  Her smile as she rose, was filled with yearning, and reluctance.  Nathan rolled over and watched her sachet to the bathroom.  While he’d love nothing more than join her there, he knew his limits.  She wouldn’t leave for work any time soon.

Quickly dressing in the clothes she’d brought to change into after their work-out but which had remained packed, she hurriedly applied a touch of makeup and within minutes had returned to the bedroom and issued an invitation, “My place, tonight, 7:30?”

“I’ll be there,” Nathan promised with a passionate kiss.






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