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Nathan 26


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Emma’s anxiety for Jim although admirable, was a concern for Nathan. He’d make a point of finding out whether she had ever taken Karate or other self-defence classes.  If not, it behooved him to take the time to teach her some moves.  Once she was confident in their abilities and to some extent in her own, she’d be less reactive and more responsive.   Not that he didn’t love her tender heart, it moved him, it was sincere.  Still,  it could create serious problems for everyone involved.

Two days later, they met at Nathan’s.  He’d asked her to come prepared for a workout.  She’d arrived wearing  bright magenta capris and tank top along with matching shoes.

“You look entirely delectable,” Nathan responded, heat flashing in his eyes as he caressed her cheek and ran his fingers down her neck.

“So, what are we up to, Nathan?”

“After the incidents the other day, I decided if you hadn’t taken any classes, we should go over some moves, to help you protect yourself.”

“It’s one of those things I always meant to do but never got around to,” she admitted somberly.

Nathan stepped back and began demonstrating positions, moves, lunges, and rolls.  They worked for an hour straight.  Emma was a natural, learning quickly.  Her moves were smooth and fluent.  “How are you holding up?”

“Good.  This is serious I know, but I’m having fun too.”

Nathan smiled at her acceptance.  Reaching in for her he deked left then right then wrapped his arm around her, flopping her to the floor.  She hit harder than he’d expected and her ‘oomph’ indicated that and staring into her surprised eyes, he moved in and arms firmly wrapped around her, began his assault.  First her chin, then the sides of her face and finally her full erotic lips.  She squirmed under him,moving into position, accepting and taking.  Emma wrapped a leg around him pulling him tighter as her hand freely roamed up and down his back, holding him firmly.  He let her roll him over and she straddled him, her eyes never leaving his face.  He gently tugged on her pony tale and she moved closer, teasing him with her eyes, her smile and those lucious lips.  The kiss she returned had heat flooding his body it automatically reacted to the onslaught.

He rolled over and taking her with him, lifted her to carry her through to an adjoining bedroom.  Emma’s eyes never left his face as her fingers caressed the slight stubble on his chin.

He plopped her on the bed and their love making began in earnest.  Desire, lust, eagerly learning the facets of each other’s body.





  1. Great story told beautifully ❤️️❤️💕🌹


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