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Nathan 20


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Their passion knew no bounds as their lips and tongues entwined and hands roamed hungrily.  Nathan slid back pulling her with him.  Her eager responses inflamed him until he was thirsting to touch every part of her body.  Emma pulled his shirt from his belt and her hands slid up his chest and her fingers sought to touch every inch of exposed flesh. Their heatedly ardent embrace was interrupted when a loud heh hemm was heard at the door followed by a firmly insistent wrapping.

Emma pulled away instantly dragging herself backward crab like. Her face flamed. Nathan’s head fell back and he wasn’t any more impressed with the interruption than she was.  Making a visible effort at control, he sat up, “Emma, I apologize.  This will not ever happen again.” He caressed her loosened hair staring into her eyes.  “I’ll be right back.”

Emma straightened her clothing attempting for calm before clasping her forgotten wineglass in hand.  She nearly choked, she couldn’t remember putting the wine glass down. She’d instinctively known their exchange when it happened would be as passionate as had occurred.

Man, it was hot in here, flames of passion and lust had overtaken her and she’d forgotten everything else allowing the heady intoxicating need take over.  No telling where they might have ended up but for the interruption.

When Nathan returned, she said, “God, Nathan, I didn’t realize it was so late.  I need to get going.”


“Seriously, Nathan, I have plans tomorrow.”

Gathering her in his arms he said, “I’ll drive you.”

“Actually, I’d prefer it if Jim did.  Simply because I don’t want to risk continuing what we started here.  I really have plans I can’t, won’t change.”

“Certainly.  We’ll continue where we left off another time.  Rest assured, Emma.”

Of that, she had no doubt. Pulling Nathan close once again, she kissed him hotly, leaving no doubt about what she wanted and turning walked away.

Nathan walked her out and assisted her into the car.  “Soon, Emma, soon,” he promised.

Emma withdrew, settling into the car and as they drove away, smiled speculatively.



  1. Ooh nearly, well pulled back there Phyllis loving this story 😳😲😜


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