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Nathan 18


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Emma woke feeling frustrated.  The inner war was on ongoing.  Should she or shouldn’t she?  What she knew about Nathan could be written on the head of a pin.  The conflicting stories and innuendo as well as those damn photos she’d received versus her need, yearning, want, and his obvious desire, on opposite sides of the same coin.

Stretching her arms above her head she let them flop.  She’d known him, what, a few days?  Days! she reminded herself and already she was contemplating hopping into bed with him, staying with him. What did that say about her and her unwavering integrity to herself?  She’d lived by the 90-day rule.  Something she’d seen online once and decided it worked.  She wasn’t a ho if she waited, and it had saved her a great deal of anguish and pain, because, within that time span, they both had ample opportunity to prove their intent.  It served to weed out the ‘one-night stands’ she found appalling.  If they couldn’t live with it, they were gone.  Yet here she was, ready willing and able to break her own rule on a whim, allowing lust, for what other word would best describe this situation, overtake sanity.

Growling, she flopped onto her stomach and placed her chin on her curved fist.  Damn it girl, what are you thinking? Her decision should merit more than a few days consideration.  She’d set the time limit, not Nathan.  Still, she was pulled toward Nathan’s overpowering yet gripping personality.

If what he said was indeed true, without exaggeration, which was crazy, then this was indeed dangerous ground.  Did she have what it might entail to weed out fact from fiction, and trust herself when she knew the possibility of falling head over heals in love with him would pose?

Double damn, this called for Murphy’s Double double whip your butt into shape Mocha fraken Chino!  She jumped up and threw her clothes on  whipped a brush through her hair and headed to the corner shop she’d come to rely on for the best coffee ever!

After, as she headed back home she decided if he had rules, she could too.  She’d have her say, and then they’d see where this went, if anywhere.  Let’s just see what you make of this, Nathan?  she spoke her thoughts aloud.  She’d make him wait until the last minute, after all, that seemed fair, given that it was an important decision. A little angst wouldn’t harm him and let him know she wasn’t a push over either.







  1. 90 day rule? In England they say not before the third date 😬😳🙄😉 loving this story x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You should definitely continue the story. Serials don’t often receive as much attention, especially further out, because they’re new and don’t want to go back. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sheryl says:

    I for one want to know what Nathan is up to or mixed up with…


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