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Nathan 17


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Emma entered the condo, threw her purse onto the chair and hustled to the  bathroom.  Leaning on the sink, she gaped at her reflection in astonishment.  Staring into her own eyes, she spoke aloud, “What’s the deal here?  What have you gotten yourself into, Emma?” She stared at her rich nearly black hair and deep blue eyes before her gaze descended to her lips.  Lips Nathan found so appealing.  They formed a “mew” as she continued to stare.   A mixture of concern and yes a little fright stared back at her.  Admittedly, uppermost in mind at this moment was a touch of excitement.

What the hell was going on here?  Jacobs wouldn’t have involved her if he thought something truly dangerous were happening, she knew with complete conviction he’d inform her regarding all foreseeable ramifications.  As she stared unblinkingly at her reflection she questioned whether he knew the extent of this hornets nest.  Did she tell him, or continue without acknowledging to anyone, she was involved.  It was a dangerous game.  On one side, if no one knew, even Nathan that she was committed to continuing her investigation, she was in it until the end and there was nowhere to go for assistance or protection.

Good god, who’d have thought she could become embroiled in a too hot to handle situation.  ‘Come on, Emma, be truthful.  You’ve considered winning a Pulitzer prize for outstanding journalism.’  Who are you kidding?  Admittedly it was a dream, a long time dream.  That aside, putting her life truly on the line for a story was outside her previously considered purview. It had never been a consideration, until now.

On the other hand, her growing anticipation at being with Nathan, something she’d longed for and dreamed about and indeed levelled every other man against, was truly within her grasp.

Emma doubted he was exaggerating.  There was too much sincerity and intent in his eyes.  His words and actions lined up.  He was truly concerned, even a little scared at involving her in his life, but it was clear he desired her as well.  The ball was in her court.  She could play it any way she liked, and the consequences be damned!  Still, dropping her head and staring at her feet, both hands propping her on the countertop, she had a lot to think about.  This was humungous.  Massive.  Off the scale! She had nowhere to turn.





  1. Sheryl says:

    Emma you better throw caution to the wind and jump in to Nathans world, what fun adventures they could get into.


  2. She nearly at the point of no return 😳❤️😉😬


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