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Nathan 12


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Nathan would rather have driven Emma himself, but he had to forestall her questions for a few days.  He had business to attend to.

While packing his thoughts returned to Emma.  She’d delighted and surprised him tonight, something that rarely occurred to Nathan.  Although she’d gone along with the direction he’d taken, allowing the subterfuge, it was obvious she’d been itching to return to the questions in hand.

He laughed with real amusement recalling her deer in the headlights moment when he’d sat watching her pure and unadulterated enjoyment while eating her meal.  He’d damn near laughed out loud.  Then when she’d detoured to the kitchen to thank his staff, she’d stopped him dead and from the whispers he’d overheard upon returning, knew she’d blown his staff’s mind too.

He couldn’t wait for another opportunity to marshall more time with her, even if it meant dodging questions.  She was a breath of fresh air and sexy along with it.  He had to reign in his wayward body which reacted of its own accord.  Those sexy luscious lips and expressive eyes along with that sensuous body of hers were one thing, but she reached deep inside to parts of his soul he’d denied.  The humour glinting from her intelligent eyes and the steely determination she’d shown Jim earlier sparked an earnest interest he couldn’t deny.

Emma was somewhat irked by the turn of events.  Her questions went unanswered, although she’d learned about his art, something she hadn’t known.  He’d artfully dodged the questions regarding Morgan Jessop and Fredrics.  If she cared to look up the event in question, and she was definitely going to, she fully expected she would find the situation covered neatly.

Inside her condo she threw her bag down.  Damn it but she knew there was more. Her boss wouldn’t have sent her on a wild goose chase.  Although he’d been cagey, perhaps he figured he’d skated on by, but she wasn’t about to let him off the hook now matter now sexy those eyes were.  The writing’s on the wall Nathan, your number’s up.  I intend getting to the bottom of the secrecy Denton, her boss eluded to.

To do that properly with journalistic integrity, she’d have to keep her libido in check.  Since she’d never reacted so quickly and hotly to another as she did with Nathan, she’d have to coach herself to smarten up, keep her head on straight and not allow him to get away with the antics he’d pulled off tonight.  Next time, Nathan, she promised as her head hit the pillow, I expect answers, and I will get them she promised herself.



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