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Nathan 9


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“Before taking this assignment, I did my homework.  There were excerpts depicting you as a “player” and jet-setter, dropping everything at a moments notice and flying to Paris or parts unknown.  I understand the need for privacy, but there are some who depict you in a different light.  Sources have suggested that you take privacy a step further from discreet to covertness.  What would you say to that?”

Nathan relaxed back into his chair, crossing his long lean legs in front of him before answering.  ” I will protect my family and close friends at all costs.  I will not have my celebrity status invade their lives. There’s a considerable difference between “invasion” of privacy and the public right to know.  Elvis Presley was literally housebound and a prisoner in his own home unable to see a movie unless he bought out the entire theatre.  Celebrities are accosted on the street, in restaurants, while taking their children to school or on vacation or at the beach.”

“Added to that, we are a “cell-phone” generation where everyone has a camera and it’s insta-picture.  Privacy is nonexistent and has led to fanatics with crazies hopping celebrity fences, breaking into homes and beyond that to death threats and even resulting in the murder of well-known singers like John Lennon.  How do we stop the invasion? By setting our own limits on what we will and won’t allow and by making those boundaries clear to all involved.”

“Fair enough.” It was obviously a touchy subject for although he’d attempted to appear relaxed, he was far from it.  His pupils had dilated and his words carried a sharp edge of acrimony.  There was something here.  The hair on her arms was standing on end a sure fire signal that she’d hit pay dirt. Emma chose not to press the issue for now, but would definitely readdress the subject at a later date.

“As I attempted to find background in preparation for this interview, I came across a couple of articles.  One depicted you as a “player” and “jet-setter” willing and able to fly to Paris at a moment’s notice.  There were only a couple of pictures that showed you with a beautiful young blond woman, and the others had you hob-nobbing with Senator Ansel Morton, Deputy Marc Jessop and Mayor Marty Fredericks.  The article suggested a clandestine  connection.”  She stopped and let the sentence hang.

Nathan’s smile was wistful and reminiscent. “Off the record,” he paused awaiting her response and only after her nod continued, “The beautiful young blond you refer to is a relative whom I will not discuss as there is nothing pertinent to the conversation.  Her life is her own.  I will not have her dragged out and placed on display for the amusement of others.”

“As for the others mentioned, they did me the great honour of attending a fund-raiser for the city which was a success I might add.  It’s public knowledge that the “Cancer Research Initiative” raised $100,000.00 for a young man who had recently undergone a long and arduous process and wanted to see Disneyland. Although I’m exceedingly proud of our accomplishment in this regard, I prefer to remain unacknowledged.”

“Is that because . . .” Before she could finish her sentence a lovely young man appeared.  At Nathan’s signal, he said, “Nathan, dinner is prepared and we are ready to serve.”

“Thank you, Francisco, you can serve now, we’ll be right in.”

“It’s late, and you must be famished.  I know I am.  I haven’t eaten since breakfast.  When I get an idea, I have to get it on canvas immediately and consequently, often lose track of time.  Perhaps we can continue after dinner,” he suggested.

Somewhat surprised at the interruption but also hungry, Emma acquiesced. She placed her pen and pad, as well as her recorder into her bag and rose to follow Nathan into the dining room.



  1. s1ngal says:

    A cliffhanger… ooooooh! There’s gonna be “after dinner”… super excited hehehheh 🙂

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