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Nathan 5


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Emma was admittedly a little nervous. She hadn’t seen Nathan in years. All she really knew about him was what information she’d gathered in preparation for the interview. Her gut instinct told her she could trust his word, but there were unanswered questions.  She hadn’t mentioned her previous association with Nathan since she didn’t feel it had any bearing on the situation.  If the circumstances changed, she might have to mention it to her boss.  He’d always been generous in his latitude, trusting her instincts which were always on the mark.

She was outside her condo, having just stepped out the front door when she spotted Nathan’s car pulling up to the curb.   Interestingly it wasn’t a stretch limo, but a Mercedes-Benz, in white.  By the time she’d reached the vehicle, he was already standing with the back door open, tall and erect and seemingly unapproachable.  For that reason, she couldn’t resist stopping in front of him and thrusting her hand out introduce herself, “Hi,  Emma Banks.”  She politely waited, taking in the surprised look in his eyes, quickly shielded.

Since she hadn’t dropped her hand but stood prepared to outlast him, and the twinkle in her eyes suggested she was enjoying the battle of wills, he offered his hand, “Jim,” he responded with a quickly concealed quirky grin,  shaking her hand firmly in a vice like grip.  He doffed his hat before offering her a hand to assist her inside.  He waited patiently as she sat and tucked her legs inside .

As he hurried around the limo he smiled again.  Nathan was in for a challenge in more ways than one he decided.  This young woman was a breath of fresh air, unlike the gold digging parasites that constantly hounded Nathan and whom he’d been forced to run interference for on numerous occasions.

He wondered if Nathan was aware of the quiet stubbornness he’d just witnessed. Nathan was a strong independent fiercely determined individual.  He’d witnessed those characteristics on many occasions.  It would seem he may have met his match in this beautiful woman who seemed a quiet match of determination.  He was going to enjoy this encounter, decidedly.



  1. You are good, loving it 😀


  2. s1ngal says:

    I liked Nathan. Now, does this mean I’d also have to like Jim? Whassappenin!!! More more, quick sticks. 🙂


    • We shall see what we shall see….lol it’s a work in progress, I have no idea. off the cuff, the seat of my pants, writing as I go with no destination in mind lol, not what you usually do, but so far it’s working although in hindsight, I would use more descriptive words if it weren’t so “immediate” edit edit edit, lol


  3. Sheryl says:

    Well that was a treat, I haven’t been able to read a lot of posts so I saved Nathan for a “binge read”. More please.


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