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A word cops hear all too often.  Coroners, maybe even doctors and nurses could be included.  It’s definitely not a word you use in daily life. Hopefully, thankfully.

It’s a “criminal”activities word.

Stacey had been warned the scene was brutal and vicious.  She took a deep breath before entering.  For the other cops to advise her, to prepare her for what she was about to witness, it had to be bad.  Stacey  was a hard- core murder cop, a veteran of 15 years.  Every manner of man’s inhumanity to man, Stacey had witnessed. If there was a brutal way to end another’s life, she’d seen it.

Even so  when she walked in, she was taken aback.  This was no usual murder scene.  The brutality of it grabbed her by the throat.  It was more vile because the man and woman had been tortured and brutalized.  The man had been worked over until nothing much remained.  He’d been bludgeoned to death.  The woman  well …

It was a securely locked apartment in an exclusive residence.  Whoever did this, was high on something and extremly  enraged.  It wasn’t a stranger.  Someone close to the family had done this.  The only other family of record was a son.

What would induce a son to turn on his parents in this fashion and obliterate all semblance of their existance?  She was sickened and understood why the cops prepared her.  There was nothing usual about this morbid scene.

Bludgeon a horrible word describing a horrible macabre scene.  Time to get on it.  Find the vile S.O.B. responsible for this heinous crime.


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  1. riturang says:

    Hey! You should write a sequel- what happened next?


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