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Awhile back, I suggested the possibility of using a chat bar or finding a way to make this happen. Since then, I learned that outside of adding a new site or more money, this is not possible.

I am now looking into the possibility of providing a “link” so we can chat with and or find favorite bloggers.  I’m finding I often miss a number of your blogs unless you happen to chat with me in response to mine.

I’ll let you know as soon as I find out whether this is possible and if so, what is entailed.  I would love to chat with more of you, more often, without broadcasting personal conversation throughout worldpress.

If anyone else knows how this could be set up, I’d appreciate hearing from you.  Thank you in advance.  I appreciate your help.  I’m not yet savvy with this site and how it works.  Until tomorrow…..


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  1. Still on the chat search then, looking forward to tomorrow 😉


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