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I would rearrange my life for you

To make everything brand new

My love for you is strong my dear

I always want to have you near

To share our life together forever

We would laugh and joke and banter

For all seasons we would enjoy

Our love open free no artifice employ

No secrets between us there would be

To you I now come and on bent knee

I supplicate this my appeal

Forever mine would for you remain

Happiness joy and peace attain

Together we work as a team united

Our hopes and dreams well blended

As we share our lives now rearranged

Our love for each other unchanged

Could this dream of us come true

And though the world around a zoo

Remain united and as one

Outside influences to shun

Making our life together whole

Forever together to console

When life’s bumps should arise

A plan of attack we devise

To remain together a team of two

Our love so solid through and through.





  1. Sheryl says:

    🙂 you have a way with words my dear.


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