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If you’re anything like me, you live a busy hectic life that can change on a dime.  You may sit down to blog and just get started when you’re interrupted by an event, not of your making.  I have to admit, I’ve become quite fond of many here, and really look forward with zeal and excitement to see what you have written.

Although we are a “community” of sorts, and I delight in quickly checking to see what many have written, I often miss a few who are unable to blog.  As soon as I realize someone is missing, I am saddened.

I realized how precious the time that we all spend here together is.  Some more than others have the luxury of spending a great deal of time blogging.  Others cannot due to time constraints, family commitments, health issues, responsibilities, work or other activities that pull them away from blogging. Invariably, although I would wish to reply to many, I am unable to get to everyone.

Since we spend time together, and we get to know tidbits about each other’s lives, but really only the tip of the iceberg, it would be easy to become complacent.

Therefore, I wanted to let you all know, I value each and every one of you.  Your incite and your take on any given subject are interesting and pleasurable.  It takes vulnerability to open your heart and soul and let a group of individuals who are to a great degree, strangers, with one thing in common, we love writing and blogging, into your life.

So whether you blog daily, weekly or monthly, your input is treasured and I look forward to sharing as often as possible your invaluable input.  It’s my fervent wish that all of you, each one, finds peace and happiness and joy in each day.  When you blog, it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.  Many read and take in what you have shared.

I’m completely delighted and touched to have learned about blogging.  Particularly since I’ve been afforded an opportunity to meet such sage, intelligent, wise, touching and endearing people, sharing your lives.

I humbly thank each individual who so willingly so generously and so graciously share of their time, their thoughts, and their feelings.



  1. That comes back to you Phyllis, lovely to have got to know you as an honest and caring soul here in blog world. I am blessed and humbled by some of the lovely people I have met over my laptop. Even now I have sat down to have a cup of tea with you, even though we are thousands of miles apart. This post is lovely, thanks for sharing and putting it out there 😘


  2. Love it Now says:

    So nice written and you really write what I myself experience and feel. I’m very grateful too for what blogging offers because it is amazing. Thank you for sharing your words about it. 💕🌺

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    • I think the world of you,Elaine, Liza, you are all valuable assets to blogging and human kind in general you are all a pleasure to know and truly it is my honour and pleasure to get to know you

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      • Love it Now says:

        😊thank you and I’m really grateful for meeting here you and people like you and reading all those posts, it makes my day 🙂 every day🌺


  3. You have such a way with words, it’s not surprising that you wrote such a great book 😉 I agree with all you have said. I love the fact that people all over the world come on at different times of the day, there is always someone to catch up with. I am fortunate to be someone that has lots of time, John leaves me to it, we eat when we are hungry and we don’t clock watch. It’s a pleasure knowing you and the other two special ladies who have left lovely comments too 🌹🌹🌹

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  4. eddaz says:

    I agree with all you have written. I’ve really made great friends here that I haven’t even met and have really added positively to my life one way or the other. I love reading your blog posts and you are a great blogger😘

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  5. sandyjwhite says:



  6. Sheryl says:

    I agree with your sentiment completely. There are certain blogs I am excited to read such as yours, and many, many others that I hate to miss.


  7. Idle Muser says:

    I agree with each and every word of yours. I feel guilty to unable to read all the posts of whom I am following. In fact, I have a query, if you could help me. In my ‘reader’ page, I think I cannot view all the latest posts of everyone, due to which I miss reading lot of posts. Only selected posts from selected people appears every time I try to read new posts. Why is it so? I mean why can’t I see all the latest publishings on my page?


    • I’m with you. It seems I miss quite a few and have to go to the “reader” page to find posts, and if it’s the daily, to the daily Word Press promp. I believe they are having issues with the sight. I’m not 100% as I’m fairly new here, but It seems to be getting worse as opposed to better. I find I spend a lot of time searching. If you find a more informed answer I’d appreciate knowing. I looked on the forum, I didn’t see anything there either. I’m sorry I couldn’t fully answer your question, but I will do some digging now that you’ve refreshed my memory. So thank you very much

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