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As I sat and contemplated the word of the day, waiting patiently for inspiration to hit, I considered this word thoughtfully.  We spend a considerable amount of time waiting.  Waiting for the phone to ring regarding a job interview, waiting on appointments for dentists or doctors or test results. We wait on plains, trains and buses.

You can picture children excitedly waiting until they are grown up and are as tall as everyone else, and or enjoying the fruits of adulthood.  Little girls waiting with anticipation the day when they can dye their hair, use nail polish, wear grown up styles.  Little boys waiting to be just like dad, and use the tools of his trade whether it be hammers and chainsaws or a sharpened pencil – to name but a few examples of waiting.

For some,waiting requires mountains of patience.

Max was late, yet again.  That left Charlotte waiting impatiently upon his return. While Max was very patient, her feet were firmly planted at the far end of the spectrum.  She wasn’t good at waiting.

She wasn’t overly concerned about others responses, except when it intersected with a deadline, then she found herself anxious and nervous. Her mind was always racing, with lightening speed moving from one idea to another and yet another.  A definite asset in creating the brilliant designs she was noted for, and consequently the movement and style associated with each unique project.  If only others were as quick at responding.

So for her, any delay was a nightmare, an absolute nightmare.  She constantly reminded herself that there was a difference in perception and interpretation, therefore implementation.  Trying to remain calm and keep her sanity, she ran hundreds of ideas for the next contract through her mind in an attempt at distracting herself.  It usually worked. Still the waiting seemed interminable.




  1. Loved this post, but your man needs to put some weight on. 😬


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