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It was essential that Sarah make it to the cake shop and order the mini cakes for the wedding as today was the last day the order could be placed and delivered on time.  As usual, scatterbrain that she was, she’d left it to the last minute.  Janie would kill her. It wasn’t a life or death situation, but Sarah would never live it down if she was the one responsible for a glitch in the wedding ceremony.  She’d rationalized the situation all the way to the cake shop.  It wasn’t urgent, at worst, they may be inconvenienced and she would be shame-faced when everyone realized she had once again been irresponsible.  She certainly didn’t want to let her best friend down, the clock was ticking and nervous excitement dogged every step.

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The repairs to the new apartment had taken longer than expected. Jason wanted everything perfect when he brought his new bride home from their honeymoon.  They were due back from their honeymoon in 48 hours.  He was counting on Manny to make sure the apartment was stocked with food and bath items.  Jason called Manny an hour ago asking that he double check that the furniture delivery was on schedule.  It was imperative in Jason’s mind that everything was flawlessly in place.  Janie wasn’t easy to surprise and he hoped this would provide the new beginning to their life together, in style.

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Darren urgently flagged down a taxi.  He’d received a call from his sister that his mother had been taken to hospital by ambulance.  Getting her to a doctor was a nightmare.  So if she’d requested an ambulance herself, the situation was serious.  Darren left the wedding reception without a second thought.  Concern mounted with every step as he was unsure what the state of his mother’s health might be.   He banged urgently on the window dividing him and the taxi driver urging the taxi driver to hurry.  It may be a matter of life and death.  His mother meant worlds to him.  This couldn’t be happening!  Anxiety flowed through his veins as he threw the money at the cab driver and darted through the emergency entrance to find his sister waiting.  He grasped her hands urgent for confirmation his mother was alright.  The look of concern reflected in Amelia’s eyes scared him.  The situation was urgent!



  1. I did not want this to end…….. 😳

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  2. I did not want this to end 😳


  3. Very good, I agree with Elaine 😊


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