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Review on Prisoner on Holiday


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“Congratulations Phyllis this is a wonderful book! ” a quote from breathtakingpark.

I can’t thank you enough for your kind words which are so very touching and welcomed.  When you live with a book, and you re-read and edit and tweak for months on end, it becomes a part of you.  At that point, you wonder if it’s as good as you hope, or whether you’ve overlooked something in the process, and wonder, just wonder!

I certainly welcome your “review” for that is how I shall take your words, as they were listed as a review on my blog.  As well I consider them words of encouragement and they certainly spur me on to continue writing.

Since I have no way of contacting you to express my gratitude personally, I (hopefully this won’t embarrass you in any way) thank you in the only way I am able.

As I am currently working on two other books, I can only hope they live up to the first one, or perhaps outshine this endeavour, which would certainly be a boon since it would mean I’ve improved.  Improved is always welcome.



  1. Omg your a real author😜🙂🤗 wow 😳

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  2. I’ve just bought it on Amazon x


  3. AprilEsutton says:

    This is so great. I can’t wait to read it! I am such a slacker!


  4. Fabulous review, it’s also fab to have a real author (as Elaine says lol) blogging pal 😉


  5. Loving your book I am a quarter way through it and it’s holding me. You are so clever, I am well impressed. I will write a review on Amazon when I’ve read it 💐


    • thank you, I really appreciate your kind words. When you live with it for so long, it becomes difficult to see your work clearly. I can’t thank you enough for reading it and your review is most welcome. woot woot Others read it and told me what they thought but didn’t do a review. Your review would indeed be very welcome.

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