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Oh what a pickle I am in

As I laugh a toothy grin

Time is short and I must hurry

I race around and I scurry

Looking for the purse I cannot find

Surely it’s not been left behind

I cast my mind on back

The lights were off it was pitch black

The moment when I had it last

Within my grasp and held fast

It has all I need tucked within

I must find it patience wearing thin

I’m already late for this important date

This could not be an act of fate

The dilemma I now face

Acting with good grace

I stand and peer around

Thank god it’s on the ground

Tis now held within my hand

Only dropped it in the sand

When I saw two men I adore

Walking toward me on the shore

I must run and I must hide

They must not know what is inside

Tickets to the latest show

Both have given me, in the know

How much I love the opera

Good god is this a soap opera

When once upon a time I was alone

I now juggle two men I adore

Neither one I wish to ignore

Oh what a pickle I am in

For only one my heart will win








  1. Very good, it made me chuckle 😀😉🙃😄


  2. Paulina Angela says:

    excellent made me smile and a little jealous

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sandyjwhite says:

    Your dilemma is delightful!


  4. Sheryl says:

    Who loved this? I did.


  5. She surely is in a pickle! 😉


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