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When I contemplated the word “generous”, I struggled.  Admittedly, some have become jaded as they witness the extent of greed in our society as well as the horrendous misuse of funds.  Perhaps having observing the extent of what some consider acceptable theft, or observing people stepping on others to obtain a promotion. Indeed the news is full of such examples resulting in a cloud of suspicion and negativity as we shake our heads in disgust and shame at where some have allowed themselves to go.

During particular occasions, christmas being one of them, or perhaps a special birthday or anniversary, we are compelled by generosity to make the occasion as special as possible and it gladdens our hearts to do so.

Conversely there are many who epitomize generosity in spirit and it’s a part of who they are.  I thought I’d share just one example of a moment of unexpected generosity that touched my heart.

While sitting in the car not far from the mall entrance, I watched a frail gentleman struggle, his gait unsure, as he made his way to the door.  Many hustled by him accidentally bumping and nudging him and he nearly toppled over.  A younger man walking nearby, witnessed the incident.  He walked closer to the older man, held out a hand and I watched him introduce himself.  The older man seemed startled at first.  They shook hands after which, he took the older man’s arm and guided him the rest of the way to the door.  He didn’t stop there.  He opened the door and cleared a path for the gentleman, holding  the door until the dotteringly slow gentleman entered.  Another conversation resulted.  He didn’t walk away but assisted the man on, into the mall and out of sight.   I was overcome with emotion at the tenderness of the moment which moved me to tears.  The generous display, unsolicited, and obviously heartfelt all the more valuable as a result.

We often hear of huge events arranged on a massive scale, and while I certainly don’t negate the momentousness of what was accomplished as a result, I find I’m far more touched as a result of the daily moments of generosity available to all of us.  That helping hand, the kind word, a moment in which to uplift or assist another in meaningful ways that has a profound and lasting affect on the recipient.

I’ve experienced generosity of nature here, among this delightful community of bloggers, who constantly offer uplifting and thoughtful words of encouragement.  Generosity of nature is not lost here.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who offer that spirit freely and willingly and although on the surface, we may not see the affect, it is felt and appreciated.





  1. I hope you don’t mind but I loved this post so much I have shared the joy of it on my site too. Great story which shows some good in the world 😀


    • I simply am at a loss for words….most definitely touched you’d wish to re share. You humble me, sincerely.


      • if a post touches me then I will share it. You don’t realise how good you are, you have many followers, they follow you because they like what you write.

        If only everyone was like that man who helped the other man the world would be so much better. Because you wrote that post it will make people think and maybe then someone will help someone else.

        That is what you call an inspiring blog. I wish everyone would share it. Last weekend three people shared something I had written and I had a record amount of likes😀 I thanked the person who started it and he told me that there was room for a million writers.

        This is so true but not everyone gets noticed, if you get more likes or followers then I will be happy

        Because you deserve it 🌟😉


      • I so delight in reading your prose and because my sight is poor it’s difficult to navigate and learn all that is possible. When I get a bit more figured out, I want to repost much of what you have shared. You are a delight and I look forward to sharing a word of three with you.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. NikkiD says:

    Nice post! I too find WordPress to be so full of help, wisdom and generosity of knowledge.


  3. Thank you for sharing that story. I feel that everyday there are wonderful people doing wonderful things, but we never hear about them in the tumult of all of the bad things.


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