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Silence is a paradox.  It can mean everything!  when a toddler is silent, we automatically investigate for silence usually means they have found something to enjoy they should not.  We flop on the bed;  silence at long last as the infant sleeps, finally a respite following a long fretful night.

Suddenly our delightful baby has progressed to their teen years.  We laughingly remember what silence was.  A delightful chaos now reigns, where’s this where’s that, I’ve lost something or other, always in a rush to be somewhere or do something.  Friends arrive and we are surrounded by chaos personified.  Amid laughter, screeches, music a little too loud, footsteps racing to the kitchen for food and back again we wonder, when will we have silence?

Without warning they are young adults moving away, their lives truly beginning as they enter college, university or their first job away from home.  Silence!  How many occasions, longing for quiet solitude, we yearned for silence in which to gather our thoughts in which to make decisions.  Now we have it, but silence is not what we want.

Now we’re lost in aching silence.   Where noise and boisterous activity once abounded, there’s nothing, nothing but silence!  Surrounded by silence!  How can we live with such silence?

Indeed a paradox! The thing we sought, we finally have, and yet it is not what we want  Years pass and silence is all we know.  We would give anything for just one moment, again filled with anything but silence.






  1. cwaugh212 says:

    Silence at home can be a good thing once the children are grown up and gone elsewhere. We now have time to pursue other interests and yet we can visit our children and grandchildren whenever we like. For now, if we have purpose with tasks to accomplish, the silence can be wonderful.

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    • This is so true! It is how I enjoy my life and silence. I am surrounded by youngsters, teens and my own children as we all live literally a stones throw apart. And definitely, when they are in school and the parents at work, I enjoy the silence lol.

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  2. I would love just one day with my girls when they were 5 and 7….. I am getting old 😔

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    • My (adult children) live literally 2 steps away and my teenage and younger grandchildren do too, so I wrote this work of fiction about what it felt like in passing. I enjoy silence and do not find it lonely, as I know some do. I also often reminisce about my children and the times we have shared. I am getting old too shsh not there yet lol.


      • My daughters are 35 and 37, I love to see my grandchildren and love to send them home 😀 but I wish I had not been so busy when my girls were growing up ah well such is life. I think the fact I am 60 next January is beginning to depress me. 😔

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      • You are an incredibly young looking 60. I am 61 we have much in common. My children are 33 and 37 and grands are 6 9 14 and 15. Remember age is mind over matter, if you don’t mind IT doesn’t matter! I love that saying, works for me!

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  3. jsant1214 says:

    Beautiful post! There’s so much truth in your post, we need to slow down and live. I’ve heard many people tell me that being a grandparent is richer because they can take it in without the hustle and bustle or distractions that usually the parents are involved it. Enjoy the little ones 💗enjoy the noise – aka – music to the ears 💗

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  4. salilsanyal says:

    Beautifully written. A paradox indeed, this silence. You have explained it via the toddler growing to an adult and the silence-seeker getting old. What one wants is silence as well as sound ( the volume-knob turned to the left),quiet for his thoughts.


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