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On this lovely autumn day, dinner eaten, dishes done, we decided since there was plenty of light as yet, we would indulge in an early evening stroll.  There wouldn’t be many days such as this where carefree abandonment reigned.  We chatted, we kibitzed we laughed, we hummed little ditties as they entered our mind, all the while holding hands enjoying each others company.

Our short journey carried us passed a variety of homes some distance away.  Many were very modern in design, some were character homes, while others were reminiscent of yesteryear, new made to look old with log supports and grand decks on which to enjoy the best of summer and fall.

Reaching a small stream, I laughingly watched Franklin hike his trousers up with great panache prepared to traverse the stream, dry, if not stylishly.  The water was extremely cold and several times we lost our footing and ended up sloshing water everywhere and soon the game was on.  We kicked we hopped we splashed and before long we were drenched.  The hike had taken a mischievous turn full of spontaneity and fun.

As we returned home, soaked to the skin, we hustled, we hurried, then ran and finally raced toward the roaring fire awaiting us.  Inside, we kicked off our wet sodden shoes, dashed to the fireplace and lay them gently side by side.  Looking at Franklin, I couldn’t help but laugh, remembering the deliberate and hilarious hiking of his trousers in a futile attempt to remain bone dry.  We fell into each others arms, cuddling together before bolting to the washroom to shower away the rest of the chill before settling in front of the fire.  We shared a happy smile, another memory made to reminisce over in years to come.



  1. AprilEsutton says:

    What a beautiful memory. Very well written. A joy to read.


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