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This was my special place. Whether anyone wandered these same paths or I walked alone, this was my personal vigil. My purpose, to imprint the unique and special appeal every season brings.  To mark the beginning of every season, I saunter through this picturesque location along a waterfront filled with luxuriant growth.  I can’t help but marvel at the changes and beauty each season brings, delighted at the pleasure and rejuvenation found here.

gettyimages-514288158-4500_wide-dd4803388b7a1e0d337e5cad400d167f546044d2-s900-c85Spring fills me with expectancy and joy as I witness trees bud and new growth form, a promise of things to come.  The lovely fresh aroma is so distinct with a piquancy in the air that surrounds, envelopes. Soon blossoms will bring their own delicate scent.  There’s a comfort here.




Ah summer!  Bringing warmth, a feeling of relaxed peacefulness with powder blue skies above.  Summer fills you with endless possibilities.  Thoughts of travel fill my mind as I saunter along the path.  As my gaze moves upward I take great pleasure in the canopy the leaves have created overhead.  The sun’s welcoming arms open wide, bidding all to partake in her joy while the ground below is dappled with sunlight.


Suddenly, it’s autumn.  There’s something about autumn.  Could it be that zing in the air, that infuses me with vigor and enthusiasm?  Leaves are vibrant, rich with colour whether yellow, orange or red.  Beneath my feet a few fallen soldiers lay.  They crunch underfoot as they cover the earth, their crispness adding  a punch as earthy aroma fills my nostrils.


winterOvernight it seems, winter is upon us.   I again meander down the same path across the same ground, now softened, hushed with a blanket of snow.  The sun’s warmth has cooled, but on such a crisp morning as this, provocative still, creating a  glistening dazzling show.  Somtimes stark in it’s beauty, at others hushed and soft, perhaps crisp and cold, it too has a zing.

As long as I am able, this path I will walk, in remembrance of seasons passed and those to come.








  1. cwaugh212 says:

    A very beautiful and poignant post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful words and photos

    Liked by 1 person

  3. iglengel says:

    Very well written – one feels as though we are there with you. Great piece of writing. Thanks for sharing.


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