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Once an old growth tree had stood

Amid a forest of mighty softwood

We peered at that tree and carved our initials

That made it perfect and oh so official

We were a mighty duo of two

My best friend and I would pursue

Adventure aplenty whether close or afar

Giggling joking dividing a candy bar

Sharing laughter and tears and so much more

Underneath the tree down by the shore

Sadly my gaze fell upon the exact spot

Of that precious tree and memories sought

Slowly I worked my way there

The place was empty my tree nowhere

Heartbroken I looked all round

It was gone, with emptiness profound

I sat upon all that was left

Feeling completely bereft

Nothing remained but a tree stump

My throat ached with a huge lump

For it our beloved tree was now gone

As was my dearest friend once called upon

To run and scamper and play all about

Shows and theatre we would act out

Memories special sweet and so dear

Carved like initials, in my mind so clear

Though the tree might be gone

My recollections were forever strong.











  1. kashifnazeer says:

    This reminds me of the poem”Our Casurina Tree” by Toru Dutt. Quite a melancholic write.


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