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I personally believed “less is more”.  For me that is the epitome of all that is elegant.  Architectural design can leave you breathless, it’s beauty and style, perfection in grace and form holding you silently within it’s grasp.

I often wonder whether our young people will ever have an opportunity to witness understand or appreciate refinement or what simplicity of design entails.  This doesn’t only apply to objects of clothing, architecture, presentation. Often that which is elegant is implied.

I once witnessed a young woman, dressed in tattered jeans and off the shoulder sweater, blond hair styled with casual nonchalance, the epitome of modern wear.  Yet she captured my attention with her quiet elegant grace.   Her style was innate, there was nothing practiced, perfected, or refined about her.  It was inborn, hinted not sought. This became evident the more I watched her behaviour.

When I have an opportunity, I love watching people.  While sitting upon my usual park bench, a perfect location to watch and observe, it happened.  Crowds of children, men and woman were milling about all dressed in vacation wear.  Several were adorned with cameras carelessly slung about their neck.  Many were loud, rowdy and boisterous in their enjoyment.  A delightful appeal offered in rich vibrant colours, a variety of styles worn, languages spoken. There was an elegance here; while differing in concept, it was apparent non-the-less.

Although we may all differ in our idea of what elegant is, universally, in the past at least, it was something sought and something to strive for.  Perhaps, we will one day, return to an era of quiet elegance.







  1. Stylistically, I too prefer a minimalist approach. To be fair, my mother was the same and my apple has not fallen far from her tree.


    • While my style is my own having been self taught in most of what I have learned I had hoped some would translate and much has with surprisingly my grand daughters who knew? It’s a joy nonetheless


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