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I have to say, the first thing that popped into  my head was “plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is”.  I’m astounded that song still resonates with so many; as ad campaigns go, that one is impressive simply because of it’s longevity.

What is there to say about plop?

It’s a word that rhymes with flop?

Perhaps because it is unique.

It has little use so to speak.

It’s not the first word that pops into your head

Unless suddenly drops start to fall on your bed.

A comical little word

Both cute and absurd

But it always brings a smile

That lasts  a little while.

The end.  My contribution to the word of the day as I snicker and smile.



  1. AprilEsutton says:

    More of a sound than a word.


  2. cwaugh212 says:

    I just couldn’t stop
    With a rhyme for your plop.
    You know that little sound?
    Says your ball’s not on dry ground.

    Your drive sliced to the right,
    Now the ball is out of sight,
    At the bottom of the lake,
    Not again! For heaven’s sake.

    I just wish to hit it straight.
    In the fairway would be great.
    But the slice and then the hook,
    Like a golfer I don’t look.


  3. iglengel says:

    That little Diddy popped in my head as well so I guess I have to go back to my writing board. Time is running out!
    Loved your take on the word plop.


  4. You have to hand it to Madison Avenue. The commercial was silly and annoying, but it’s really hard to forget … even forty years later.


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