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I wandered close to the woods and listened. The night owls hooted sporadically unseen high atop the trees.  Leaves rustled softly as the cool breeze whispered past, brushing them gently with it’s hushed song.  Quietly we waited.  Darby, my eight year old lab sat watchfully. He looked first at me, and then toward the forest of trees and back again. My hands wrapped around an oversized cup of coffee, a blanket carelessly thrown over my shoulders, I reached down and patted his head lovingly.

I settled into my old wooden chair.  We waited expectantly together.  The promised occurrence would happen soon.  The rich velvet sky and twinkling stars seemed to hold their breath in expectancy.  Slowly, imperceptibly, the moon became visible as wispy clouds moved impatiently past. The eclipse had begun.  We watched, full of amazement and pleasure.

Later the world would enjoy pictures captured by others and shared.  For me this moment was a private pleasure, singularly enjoyed.






  1. iglengel says:

    Beautiful. One could envision everything you were describing.
    Very well written.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Gwyn Gensel says:

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