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A quick but heartfelt thank you to Sheryl for explaining how to add the widget.  Woot!

I wanted to add a pic of the “award” if you will, having reached 500 views but don’t know how to do that.

That aside, I wish to thank everyone that has followed my iittybitty blog.  When I wrote my first blog, about blogging, I spelled out how I felt, and I can’t find it to post it here or I certainly would.  I was truly scared.  What could should I write about.  What would be of interest to anyone else?

I am truly touched at heart that so many of you take the time  to look in on my “prose”.  I certainly enjoy yours.  I visit as many as possible and unfortunately am not sure where to respond.  Sometimes I find a link and it’s to the actual blog you’ve posted, other times, there’s no way to reach you to express my delight.

So collectively, I wish to thank you all for your delightful, interesting , funny and thought provoking blogs which I enjoy immensely.  Since everyone has a different outlook on the world, and a different take on any given word, each word chosen takes on a life of it’s own, and a meaning of importance to the writer, often incredible in diversity.  It is eye opening, and often fun.  So I thank you all for taking the time, and your willingness to share.



  1. iglengel says:

    I too enjoy reading your blog postings. Believe it or not, I have had my blog here on Word Press at least one year – possibly more – but due to writing blog postings on another site more often, I have not been as active on this one. But, becoming involved with the daily word prompts has caused me to be more active here on Word Press. Hopefully, I can either slow down on responding to the daily word prompts and concentrate more on my blogging as I had been doing. Or, another thought would be to create a post based on the daily word prompt that would fulfill the need to write about the word prompt and at the same time satisfy my desire to write a blog post at least once or twice a week.
    But, I digress. Since I have become more active here on Word Press, I actually have signed up for one of their free blogging courses and hope to include that in my daily schedule of things to do so that I can become more comfortable with the entire Word Press platform.
    Thank you for reading my blogs and also for sharing your insights on various subjects on your site.

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    • Thank you, it is heart warming to share a moment with another. It truly makes my day. I so look forward to this time I alot myself in which to converse and learn from others. Take care enjoy your day and week.


    • How kind you are. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been given a wonderful opportunity to meet delightful and talented people such as you. Very impressive and special to me. Thank you always for your forsight and kind words.

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  2. Sheryl says:

    Congratulations!! Totally awesome. You can save it to your desktop and add it as a feature image in your post or you can add it as a widget on the side bar. If you go to the reader and type in add widgets in the search option the wordpress site will open to a tutorial page.


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