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Writer’s Struggles


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Isn’t it wonderful when the the ideas words or content for your novel flow?  You find yourself moving from word to phrase to sentences then paragraphs and finally chapters as ideas flow freely.  Your nearly euphoric with delight.  Suddenly without warning,  you come to a grinding halt and stumble and momentarily falter.  You’ve hit a crossroad; a pivotal moment in your story.  It’s huge, important, monumental and will shape the remainder of your novel and the fate of your characters.

Which path do you take?  Each scenario offers a varying alternative that could lead to on one hand, a happy or sad outcome. You wonder, ponder determining if it best serves the story line to leave the final outcome unanswered and your beloved reader to formulate a suitable ending of their own. Instead, you might hint or suggest a possible result or consequence. Most satisfying of all, an unexpected twist that delivers your reader into a shocking and surprising possibility impossible to foresee.

After all obstacles are overcome, the moment is upon us, will our hero/heroine be victorious?  Will we deliver our reader from a vortex of emotion which can only be satisfied by a single outcome? Or will they wonder as our quest goes unanswered and our protagonist suffers the unending torment of a partial answer while a piece of the puzzle remains unfinished thereby settling uneasily in the corner of their mind and which will certainly require the advent of a return to the subject and answers found.




  1. iglengel says:

    I appreciate your comments. I am having such a day myself as I cannot bring myself to write so much as a 4 or 500 word post that pertains to today’s word prompt. Some days are good while others are bad.

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    • It’s so true, some times I think it is the subject matter, a word that hasn’t been a huge part of our world and therefore requires more thought and definitely inventiveness in order to wrap our mind around it.

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      • Sheryl says:

        Everyone has days where inspiration takes the back burner. Honestly I love the word prompt. Whether I’m inspired or not, others are, and its a great way to learn. Everyone sees things so differently and one little word can be viewed so many ways.


      • I know right? I’m constantly delighted with what I see and so far there are 3 occasions where I struggled and had to dig deep in order to write something and although a challenge it was worth the effort very satisfying in the end


    • Sometimes all it takes is a change of setting for five minutes, a walk in a garden, or a chat with someone else, and it frees up our mind and the answer comes quickly


  2. Sheryl says:

    I wrote a scene, a game changer, a whopper if you will. Still I cringe when I think about it, and wonder if I made the right choice. That I do probably means I did and my readers will be stunned or saddened. But yes those moments are hard when you have to choose the fate of the people you govern.

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  3. Sheryl says:

    I interoperated that don’t worry 😉


  4. And then, if you are lucky, the characters decide where to go and what to do and all you have to do is write it down 🙂

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  5. It truly feels like a blessing when the words seem to come to you and flow through you without you really having had to think of them at all. Those are the good days. But on the days that we struggle, and we carve something out painfully anyway, those are the days to be most proud of, those are the days you know you are a writer, that you have earned that title through sheer grit and force of will. x

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