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I’m an avid watcher of The Voice, worldwide.  I have also watched since inception, America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.  Why?  Because of the sensational and diversified talent offered.  Many are unknown, having tried valiantly to break into the music world.  Other talents such as Magic Acts, Comedy, Instrumental Talents come to present their routines.

I’m constantly astounded by the amount of talent the world has to offer.  In my personal opinion, many, though unheard of are incredible!  What makes each so special and so unique is their take on the compilation and presentation of any given song, for example.

I will attempt to add links to a couple of singers that were incredible and a couple of Comedy Acts and Magic Acts as well so you have an opportunity enjoy what I have witnessed.

First is Alisan Porter, Mitchell Brunings, Darcy Oakes, Ricky K,  Philip Green, Paul Zerdin.

I mention their names  because I was unaware it forwards to another contestant.  Those are the people I suggested anyway, not that there aren’t dozens more I could suggest and enjoyed immensely.

I hope these few examples delight and please you as much as they did me.



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