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We live in an obsessed society.  How does it start?  When does it start?   At what point does dedication, single-mindedness or perfecting a craft become obsession?

We love our job.  It is such a pleasure that in the blink of an eye, ten twelve hours have passed us by.  Painters and sculptures will tell you hours and days even weeks slipped away as they perfected a project they couldn’t quite get right.  Musicians will lock themselves up in a room and practice practice practice.

In my opinion, it’s that point at which we choose whatever our obsession is, whether it’s making money, watching tv, reading books, overcomes our better judgement and common sense and becomes our complete focus ignoring all else.  When you’d rather spend time chasing pokemon than feeding and clothing your child, when your family and friends are distant reflections because you’d rather play video games for hours and days at the risk of your health it’s an obsession.

I’m sure a little obsession is probably good, it motivates us to perfect our craft or look within to make changes and grow.  It becomes dangerous to us and others when we ignore our health friendships and loved ones and every waking moment is consumed by one thought.


Just for a laugh here is another form of obsession.






  1. AprilEsutton says:

    This is so true. Excellent!


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