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Buchart Gardens


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One of the locations mentioned in my novel Prisoner on Holiday.


Buchart Gardens Covering 55 acres and which you simply must come prepared to enjoy for many hours.

I visited several years ago.  Happily, endlessly, wandering, entranced by the story of how a limestone quarry underwent a metamorphosis to become this spectacular world renown garden.

We were completely captivated as we traversed paths that carried us into such a variety and plethora of beauty as the Japanese Garden,the Italian Garden to the Sunken Garden and everything in between.

An even more spectacular, if possible, joy awaited us as the Night Illumination began.  Immediately the Garden was transformed into an idyllic magical wonderland so changed it was if we were wandering through a completely different and undiscovered landscape.

Later that evening, as we sat on the lawn awaiting the Fireworks display just beyond the fountain and surrounded by willow trees, we were sincerely touched as we watched expectancy become rapture and excitement became delight.  Little faces and adults alike  oohing and awing throughout reflecting our thoughts and emotions




  1. AprilEsutton says:

    I do love visiting gardens. Will have to try viewingatnight.


  2. It doesn’t even look real. It’s magical 🙂


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