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I love a good joke, one that has me laughing wholeheartedly until tears run unabashedly down my cheeks and I can barely breath because I can’t stop laughing.  Or that joke that we remember hours days weeks later and chuckle mirthfully at since it’s power to amuse hasn’t abated.

I remember reading and orating knock knock jokes to my great delight as a child and I’d share with anyone that would listen. Or buying comic books then literature I found delightfully carefree and touched my funny bone.

There is an entire genre to look back on with absolute fondness.  In an era long ago, slap stick comedy was all the rage with Charlie Chaplin and the Keystone Cops to amuse and entertained us.  Red Skelton  Bob Hope and Lucille Ball so delightfully innocent but hilariously funny.

Stand up comedians such as George Carlin and Robin Williams gave us hours of laughter and thoughtful introspection through what else, comedy. Sitcoms with Carol Bernette,  Bob Newheart.  TV shows that included David Letterman, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert.  There is indeed an endless list of distinguished amusing joke telling entertainers who delivered their punchline with panache and perfect timing, tossing jibes and poking fun at ludicrous or scary situations, at events or the personal antics of movie stars, politicians and others.

Undoubtedly we all have our own list of favourites whether it be someone local or international who has set the bar exceedingly high; but constantly engages us, touches us and move us to tears using humour to lighten a moment. Goodness the list of movies, shows, books written with witticism and anecdotal amusement is long and rich.

I have indeed laughed until I cried, and could not speak, breathless with amusement at personal situations and occasions when hilarity ensued and filled our hearts with glee, occasions to look back upon remembered now with fondness and a smile.

Whatever the source is for you, I hope each day brings you some form of amusement to bring a smile, a laugh, a tear or belly shaking laughter to brighten your day.  Enjoy.


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