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No Crying in Art


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Exceptional! Very true of all writers and most people in general and I think your words resonate in all of us, at one time or another.

April's Perspective


The greatest luxury is creativity and art.  Even more of a luxury than viewing art is the honor of being creative.  It doesn’t matter what your creative outlet is, you are entirely in control of  its expression.  The nature of the arts is one of searching and discovery.  Like a child reaching for crayons, we seek the expression of something within us.

When number one son was a boy, he complained he was no good at art.  I took the children to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  There were pictures (like the one above) that had number one son thinking he was indeed good at art.

I gave my children cameras when we went on vacation.  Each child took very different pictures with their cameras.  Number one son took pictures of spreading vistas, and to his dismay, his sister took close up pictures of flowers, bugs and rocks.  The good son took pictures with people…

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