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Me.   I am definitely the epitome of stubborn. Anyone that knows me will tell you that.

Stubbornness is frowned upon, thought pigheaded, willful or inflexible.

But it can save your life.  There are countless instances where I have been stubborn. Too stubborn to give up the fight and thereby live.  Too stubborn to give up to pain and win.  Too stubborn to give in and thereby overcome.

So in certain circumstances, being stubborn is a good thing.  It was a tool that gave me strength to rise above and stand tall to overcome to fight in order to survive.  I would do it again.


  1. AprilEsutton says:

    I think that is not being stubborn. That is perseverance.


    • I can’t tell the whole story here but it was too stubborn to die on to many occasions in life threatening situations an a little perseverance to boot thank you so much for your comments I always appreciate hearing from you

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