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There’s a word!  It encompasses so much!  First thought to come to mind is the cravings of pregnancy which inevitably makes me smile, pickles and ice cream, to a variety of other foods.

However, we can crave great literature, art, music.  Cravings of the soul.  A feeling we will wither and die if we don’t receive a modicum of what we could describe as want need desire.

Whether what we crave is healthy or not, it has power.  Clawing, determined unsettling power.  If you’ve ever been in a position that you can’t determine what it is, and you try to fill that hole, that void with something, anything, thinking that it might mitigate that undefined hunger you soon realize the folly of your decision because the unanswered craving continues.



  1. It’s erie how similar our openings are!


  2. teaismyjam says:

    Clawing, determined unsettling power! That’s a really good line, ans a really well written post. 😃


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