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An apology accepted or rejected can change your world. A sincere apology that is. An I’m sorry from the heart for something said or done that cut another to the quick and splayed them open like a fish!  Instantly you know it.  You feel it.  You see it.

And no matter how much the other individual means, can we apologize?  Do we get so caught up in the heat of the moment in the “thing” that created the atmosphere in which an apology became necessary, that we cannot?  Whether it is lack of humility or the feeling they will lose part of themselves if they do, some simply can’t bring themselves to truly, humbly apologize for something hurtful said or done.

The result?  It leaves a mark on both individuals, a stain upon the soul that lingers on.  It begs the question, is that what’s gone wrong?  As families, people, individuals, as a humanity as a whole, have we become so stiff necked, arrogant and so egotistical that a sincere apology is beyond us? And over time, the feelings of worthlessness associated have built up so that a bridge, a wall has built that is impossible to overcome?

Others apologize abjectly, profusely, unequivocally. Sometimes it is rejected out of hand or accepted, but not truly, and waved off as meaningless. Doesn’t that have the same effect in reverse?  On rare occasions, it could be argued the insult, the hurt was insurmountable and unforgivable.

Still, that sincere apology lifts us up, makes us feel better, saves us from that dark abyss we are instantly plunged into when the full weight of what was said or done bears down upon us. And the acceptance by the other party relieves us of guilt. It goes deeper though and often restores the balance between, closing a chasm that was unseen.

An apology accepted or rejected will change your world.




  1. I’m one of those people who believes that a sincere apology with action is what it would take to change the world. To make it better. And your words have said it all. Great post, mate 🙂


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