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For years I had the mistaken idea that to admire was the same as to idolize.  So I had little to no admiration for anyone or anything.

As years went by I realized there’s a huge difference.  Huge!  You can admire beautiful architecture or the skills of an incomparable photographer or the literary art of an accomplished poet, the music of a phenomenal artist.I soon understood there was so much that we could admire, delightfully, happily, gleefully even.  Spectacular oceanic scenes, mountainous ranges, eye-catching old growth trees.

And what of  people – people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds mentally emotionally physically – should we not admire these individuals? And what of ourselves, us, you and me, ought we not take time to admire how we have personally overcome unknown, unseen, struggles we have faced quietly in solitude?

Admire, it’s not such a bad word after all.

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